Analitica RiskSuite™

Flexible and Integrated
Asset Liability Management
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RiskSuite™ is a flexible integrated platform for asset liability management.liquidity risk management.funds transfer pricing.operating liquidity management. regulatory compliance.

It supports better business decisions based on scenario analysis, providing a forward-looking view from a combined risk and financial perspective. Additionally, it helps banks comply with increasing regulatory pressure.
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Key Features

  • Contract centric design – builds up the balance sheet with a simulation of contracts including market risk factors and behavioral modeling.
  • Full revaluation approach – includes non-linear effects resulting from options.
  • Integrated Input Data Validator and Editor.
  • Intuitive user interface – set and run regular and ad-hoc scenarios in asynchronous simulations.
  • Full coverage of financial instruments – generation of expected financial cash flows and accruals compliant with IFRS 9.

Solution Architecture


RiskSuite™ is streamlined for performance and flexibility. Its in-memory parallel processing architecture is optimized for processing high volumes of data.

Cloud / On-premise

The clients can decide between a cloud or on-premise implementation of the solution.


The modular structure enables flexible configuration and customization of calculation methods and extensions of functionality with clients’ proprietary models.

Key Advantages

RiskSuite™ is a fully integrated modular asset liability and liquidity risk management platform, empowering risk measurement across different departments and ensuring regulatory compliance and economic capital management.


  • Support for forward-looking scenario simulations enables educated risk management decisions.
  • Support for regulatory compliance (IRRBB, LCR/NSFR,…).
  • Flexible architecture enables extension and customization of calculation methods and scenarios.
  • The full revaluation approach without approximations, incorporating non-linear effects on an individual contract level, enables usage for accounting and operating liquidity.
  • Support for seamless integration with existing IT environments.
  • The results data set supports multi-dimensional planning and reporting and includes data on an individual cash flow and financial accruals level.
  • International groups can benefit from a centralized multitenant installation with multi-functional-currency support. User access rights and audit trails are fully supported.
  • Our high-performance solution architecture supports large volumes of data while still enabling calculations at the finest level of detail.
  • Analitica provides an expert team with experience in risk management information technology projects and dedicated expertise in the fields of quantitative finance, guaranteeing a smooth project implementation.
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Get Started

Interested clients can get a basic introduction to RiskSuite functionality by accessing the free demo environment. Users can get an overview of the functionality by exploring different analyses running pre-defined scenarios on pre-prepared data or by using an option to upload their own data.

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